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Bicycle-Traveler-October-2016.jpgBicycle Traveler 11

À propos du magazine

Bicycle Traveler is a free international magazine devoted to bicycle touring. Packed with stunning photography and entertaining stories, it will make you want to grab your bike and hit the road.

Bicycle Traveler was launched in 2011. We aimed to create a magazine that showcases bicycle travel and delves into why people dream of undertaking round-the-world tours.

BT’s carefully curated collection of articles and photographs are gathered from a diverse group of cycling enthusiasts worldwide. With the recent boom in bicycle touring, our magazine base has grown to over 20,000 dedicated subscribers.

As BT begins its 6th year, we are more passionate than ever about publishing high quality content that resonates with our adventure-minded readers and illustrates the wonderful world of two-wheeled travel.

In addition Bicycle Traveler also features interviews plus information on the newest gear and rider setups.

 Le numéro 11

 In the 11th issue we are introducing a new series, ‘Ready to Roll’ wherein riders explain their travel style and corresponding equipment choices. The idea behind this is to highlight the wide gamut of gear-setups for cyclists.

Grace Johnson - Editor of Bicycle Traveler Magazine

 Commentaire de Jean-Yves Mounier

Heureux les anglophones qui peuvent lire en toute liberté ce magazine entièrement dévolu au voyage à bicyclette à travers textes et photos de toute beauté. Pour le télécharger, il suffit de s'inscrire sur le site qui offre également la possibilité de découvrir de superbes livres de photographies parmi lesquels je recommande spécialement « Little Red Cyclist » , la poésie se dégageant de ces photos m'ayant particulièrement touché.

 2016 – 60 pages – En téléchargement gratuit sur le site de l'éditeur


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