Nowak Kazimierz (19/10/2017)

Nowak-couverture.jpgAcross The Dark Continent

Bicycle Diaries from Africa 1931-1936

Auteur : Kazimierz Nowak


English edition of the bestseller « Rowerem i pieszo przez Czarny Ląd ».

A solitary traveller moves tirelessly forward. His path leads him through breathtaking landscapes, past picturesque waterfalls, smoking volvanoes, countless herds of wild animals reigning over boundless spaces, through desert sand, the barren savannah and overgrown forest trails. He stops from time to time to take a photograph or make a note in his journal, and then moves on again, pushing his rickety bicycle loaded with some modest possessions. This is Kazimierz Nowak, the author of this story which, like a fairytale, transports us to a wonderful kingdom, distant in both space and time : Africa in the 1930s.

 Livre en anglais dont nous avions présenté l'édition polonaise de 2011. À quand une traduction en français ?


2017394 pages Sorus

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