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Zheutlin Peter


Annie Londonderry’s Extraordinary Ride

Auteur : Peter Zheutlin

« Peter Zheutlin’s thoroughly researched account wil make you wish you’d been around to catch a glimpse of the extraordinary woman as she went wheeling by. »

Bill Littlefield, National Public Radio’s Only a Game.

Until 1894 there were no female sport staes, no product endorsement deals, and no young mothers with the chutzpah to circle the globe on a bicycle.

Annie Londonderry changed all of that.


When Annie left Boston in june of that year, she was a brash young lady with a 42 pound bicycle, a revolver, a change of underwear, and a dream of freedom. She was also a feisty mother of three who had  become the center of what one newspaper called “one of the most novel wagers ever made“ : a high-stakes bet between two wealthy merchants that a woman could not ride around the world on a bicycle. The epic journey that followed took the connection between athletics and commercialism to dizzying new heights, and turned Annie Londonderry into a symbol of women’s equality.

A vastly entertaining blend of social history, high adventure, and maverick marketing. Atound World on Wheel sis an unforgettable portrait of courage, imagination, and tenacity.

“Annie was a remarkable woman and well worth getting to know.“


“A wonderful telling of one of the most intriguing, offbeat, and until now, lost chapters in the history of cycling.“


Un article sur Annie Londonderry dans “LE PETIT JOURNAL“ :


-2007- 260 pages – www.kensingtonbooks.com

Prix : U.S. $ 14.95 – CAN $ 17.95 

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Une traduction en allemand est également disponible chez Maxime Verlag : http://www.maxime-verlag.de/produkte/978-3-931965-07-5/index.php
À quand une édition en français ???

Écrit par : Jean-Yves MOUNIER | 07/11/2017

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