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Edward Enfield

Enfield Edward035 - copie.jpgFREEWHEELING THROUGH IRELAND

Enfield pedals the West Coast

As Edward Enfield cycles around Ireland, he is enchanted by prehistoric fortresses, rugged landscapes, and landladies who insist on washing his shirts. He takes you with him on a gentle ride up the west coast, eating enormous breakfasts and fresh fish suppers along the way, and stopping to chat to peat-cutters, fishermen, eccentric tourists and a famous matchmaker.

With his trademark dry wit, observant eye and a sense of the absurd, he isthe perfect companion for a tour of Ireland’s most beautiful areas from the lakes of Killarney to the idyllic joyce’s Country, and from the dolmens of Clare to the deserts and neolithic remains of Mayo.Enfield Edward - copie.jpg

Edward Enfield is the author of the bestselling CREECE ON MY WHEELS and DOWNHILL ALL THE WAY. He livres in Sussex, England.

-2006- 224 pages - Summersdale Publishers Ltd. www.Summersdale.com

Ce livre n’a jamais été traduit en français.


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